Gourmet Buffets

raleigh-catering-chicken-kabobOur buffets range from set menus such as Chicken Kabob and Assorted Paninis to make-your-own lunch and dinners that allow you to customize your selections. Each buffet comes with basic settings, toasted pita bread, baklava or cookies, and iced tea.

Platters and Trays

Our platters and trays are great hits for luncheons and as add-ons to our buffet-style catering options. From fresh fruit to chicken dishes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Gourmet Boxed Lunches

catering raleigh ncFor a quick but delicious meal, select from our wide variety of box lunches. We prepare every dish with fresh vegetables and meats so that you can eat healthy while keeping with the task at hand.

Catering Upgrades

Just in case you have needs beyond what our set meal options provide, there’s a number of catering upgrades we offer from bottled water through canned soda, fine plasticwares and china.